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Maintain the Health of a Vehicle That You Seldom…

While most vehicles are utilized as daily drivers to get workers to their destination on a daily basis, other cars and trucks don’t see as much daily use. Still, car care is essential for keeping your vehicle in shape so it works safely and smoothly when you do take it for a spin. Here are a few tips to maintain the health of a vehicle when you’re not driving it much.

Check the Pressure of Your Tires
Although the tires on your seldom-driven vehicle may not be exposed to the open road, they can still be vulnerable to a loss of pressure. This can result in serious problems when the time comes to drive it. So, be sure to keep an eye on your vehicle’s tire pressure.

Check the Battery
One of the worst feelings any driver can experience is starting up their vehicle, only to discover that the battery is dead. There are ways to prevent this scenario. You can check the voltage of your vehicles battery, even when it’s not in use. You can also have a means of recharging your battery when it comes time to drive your vehicle again.

Use a Car Cover
Not all of us have garages where we can store our vehicles when we aren’t using them. For those of us who lack a garage, consider investing in a car cover to protect your vehicle from the outside elements.

For more tips on how to maintain the health of your vehicle, call us at Grande Ford to speak to one of our certified technicians.

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