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Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Ford Truck

Ford trucks are known to be durable and reliable, but every vehicle needs regular care and maintenance. Here’s a rundown of the maintenance your truck should receive every spring.

Hit the car wash

Even though our San Antonio winters aren’t rife with snow and road salt, springtime is still a perfect reminder to wash your vehicle. When the weather warms up, give your truck a deep clean — and don’t forget to pressure-wash the undercarriage to get rid of any accumulated road grime that could lead to rusting. Also, consider taking the time to wax your truck. It’ll go a long way towards protecting the exterior from acidic debris, such as splattered bugs and bird droppings.

Wiper blades

Late spring and early summer bring heavy rainfall to the San Antonio area. Make sure your truck is ready to weather the storm by cleaning your windshield wipers. However, if they’re cracking or leaving streaks, its’ time to replace them.

Tire care

To stay safe on the road during spring showers, make sure your truck’s tires are in good condition. Check their pressure and tread depth, and consider bringing your vehicle to our service center for a tire rotation and alignment.

Oil change

Regular oil changes prevent engine damage and keep your truck’s powertrain running smoothly. Plus, when you bring your vehicle in for an oil change, you can have us check and replace the rest of its essential fluids.


Few scenarios are more frustrating than getting stranded in a parking lot due to a dead car battery. At our service center, we can check and replace your battery, if necessary.


Your truck’s brakes are its most vital safety system. At our service center, we can check your truck’s brake system to make sure it’s in working order so you don’t find yourself sliding in slippery conditions.

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