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Ford’s New Tech To Reduce The Spread Of COVID-19

The latest development in Ford technology could be lifesaving, as it helps reduce the spread of COVID-19. A new heated software raises the interior temperature in the Police Interceptor Utility, allowing law enforcement to essentially bake the virus out of the vehicle.

Ford worked with The Ohio State University department of microbiology to discover how hot the cabin would need to be, and for how long, in order to significantly reduce the virus’ presence. Their studies found that temperatures at or greater than 132.8 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes will cut down viral contraction on surfaces found in the vehicle’s cabin by 99 percent.

The cabin is heated by using the climate control and the engine together with the new software. When the software is activated, it heats the powertrain to the high temperatures, and turns fan and heat settings on high. Interior temperature is monitored by the software, and maintained at 133 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for 15 minutes.

Law enforcement will be able to monitor the sanitation process from outside the Police Interceptor Utility vehicle. Taillights and hazard lights will indicate the beginning of the process by blinking in a preset pattern, and will signal when sanitation is complete. There will also be an area in the vehicle’s instrument cluster that shows the progress.

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